The CBSE Board, Delhi does not prescribe age of admission in school.
However, we do follow the minimum age requirements prescribed by the Maharashtra State Government.

At BHS we have a very hands-on admissions process that involves us getting to know you and your child. While we do take an assessment test of all new applicants, we ask that the child simply be mentally prepared to consider boarding school as a positive experience for his / her future growth.
An explanation of our admissions process can be found here:
Link to Admissions Process

There are set rules and criteria for a child to be granted admission in Class 10. Admission to class X in a school is open to:
(i) a student who has passed class IX from a CBSE Affiliated School.
(ii) is migrating from/ within one city/ state to another only on the transfer of the parent(s) or shifting of his/her family from one place to another. Application has to be forwarded by the new school to Regional Office concerned together with details and certified copies of the following documents, within one month of admission of the student for obtaining post-facto approval of the Board:
a) Progress report card of the previous class.
b) Transfer/ School Leaving Certificate duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities in respect of State/ other than CBSE.
c) Transfer/Movement Order of the parent(s) in respect of transfer or proof of new residence in respect of shifting of the family from one place to another.
Rule- 7.3 of Examination Bye-Laws please refer to the link:

Our competitive fee structure is all-inclusive and does not entail any charges over and above the basic requirements of every child in our student body. To ensure comfort to the parents, the annual fees is divided into a manageable installment plan.
However, in the case of biological siblings, we do offer concessions. Please enquire for the same with our Admissions Office. Click here to get more details

All areas of our 18-acre campus are under CCTV Surveillance. Additionally, children are never left alone without adult supervision. Most of our staff live on campus and there is always someone keeping an eye on our students. We have strict security protocols in place for those who can visit or have access to your child. Only those individuals mentioned in your child’s Authorization File are allowed to meet your child. If ever there is a new person coming to visit, we would require certain permits and paperwork to be processed at our front office.

Residential school is a positive experience for all children. We understand that the decision to enroll a child in boarding school is a difficult one, but rest assured that our girls do immensely well here. At BHS, they learn self-confidence, independence and leadership skills. As for their safety, all living facilities are separate for boys and girls. And our children are never left unsupervised. We also make sure that our pre-teen girls are taught good feminine hygiene and learn to respect their bodies.

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for bullying and aggressive behavior. Oftentimes, children will get into disagreements as they do at home, but adults are always around to ensure mediation. Bullying, physical / emotional abuse and verbal aggression are not a part of the BHS culture or campus life. Our staff and management are accessible 24/7. If ever required, we are here to address your concerns and our students’ needs.

Most of our faculty is trained and constantly updated in the process of dealing with early years, pre-teens and adolescents. Simultaneously, we have a counselor available part-time to help with any child who needs special attention in academics or behavior management.

With the overstimulation of gadgets and stressors, ADHD is a fairly common struggle with children today. Our team is more than able and experienced in working with hyperactive children. Rest assured that the clean open spaces and consistent, holistic activity schedules that we follow are exactly what your child needs to refocus his / her energy. When parents complain to us about a child who is high energy or has a weak attention span, as experts in education, our answer is that your child is a future leader. Let us help them streamline their energy positively.

We have a 24/7 qualified nurse on campus. Dorm parents, coaches and teachers are trained in basic first aid. And we have a Pediatrician on-call throughout the year, who also visits every morning for smaller ailments. In the event that there is an emergency, a child is injured or requires medical testing, the local emergency facilities or specialists are contacted immediately, after which we make it a point to inform the parent/guardian.

We encourage parents and family not to visit the children during the academic sessions. It distracts the children, makes them homesick and often results in compromising the child’s happiness and performance as a student. Apart from the standard mid-year and summer holidays, our annual calendar includes week-long mid-term breaks when children can go home.

In the event that the parent or a family member wish to visit their child, these visits can only be once during a term and only after prior approval from the school management.

We don’t condone video calling. But children are given phone turns once every 21 days. The schedule and details for the same are available with our front office.

After over a century of raising healthy, we are quite familiar with the dietary needs of children. Our menus are carefully planned keeping in mind:
a) Nutrition
b) Flavor
c) Hygiene
d) Variety
Our meals are not only well balanced but also incredibly flavorful. Daily menus include everything from regional cuisines such as missal or idlis to popular child-friendly dishes such as pizza and noodles. Your child may join us as a selective eater, but it is a guarantee that he/she will come home ready to eat any and all vegetables or cuisines.

Our Food Department comprises of separate kitchens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking. Dining spaces are also divided into Veg. and Non-Veg. Sections. Specialized menus and cooking is done for our Jain members. In the event that your child needs to observe the week of Paryushan, we ask that you send us details of dates and food requirements in writing, so as to ensure that your child’s needs are catered to.

All members of BHS are required to communicate in English. But members of our faculty are also fluent in Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati.

t BHS we have immense respect for language diversity. But we also understand that a parents’ priority when choosing an English Medium school is to focus on their child’s proficiency in English. Our communications, culture and language programs ensure that all of your students acquire confidence in English speaking. Remedial classes are also made available to students who need to extra attention. We do ask that parents be patient, for acquiring language skills can take time for any child.

While we encourage parents to enroll children as boarders, we do have day boarders which are children whose families live / work in nearby localities.

In an age where the world is coming closer together, we believe that exposure and the chance to explore is imperative. Our children participate in several school level programs ranging from well known Quiz Competitions to Olympiads to State / National Level Sports. BHS is an active member of the Panchgani Student’s Film Club which is a program led by the nearby Initiatives of Change. The Indian International Model United Nations is a new initiative that we have brought to BHS. Our children also learn to respect their community with various service programs including the Interact Club, Week Without Walls and Community Service Week.

It takes anywhere from a week to a month for a new student to get used to the independent lifestyle at BHS. We assimilate new members with various activities and buddy programs during their initial days with us. Within the first month or so, there comes a point where the child stops missing home and becomes a part of their new family.

Turns out that parents end up missing their children way more than the kids missing you. So no promises there!

For boarders, the annual school fees include uniforms, certain dormitory supplies, textbooks and stationery supplies. A comprehensive list of these can be found here

For day boarders, uniforms and books are provided at an additional cost based on the quantities that you wish to buy.

There are certain items such as personal clothing, bathroom items and personal medications that the child must bring from home. You can find a detailed list here: